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review Introducing Whole Foods Cooking, Introducing Whole Grain Baking, Breakfasts, and Meals in Minutes . . .   Reviews  

Interview with Diane Wheeler of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:
"Basically, just start with familiar, favorite recipes, and change the quality of the ingredients..."  More

eal Food My Way: Alyss has really mastered the Blender Batter Pancake recipe. Read about her triumphs and enjoy her sense of humor. "The more I experiment with this technique, the more I love it." . . . More

Chez Smiffy Blogspot: Amongst the many options out there is Sue Greggís two stage process for baking grains. Now, Iíve got to say that Sue is onto something here. Soaking the flour in an acid mix makes a huge difference to the texture of the finished product . . . More

Organic Fanatic
: The Maker's Diet and More, Everything Made Easier. . . full of irresistable healthy recipes that boast delicious flavor and cost-effectiveness. . .  More

Like Merchant Ships: I've been using the Sue Gregg Blender Batter waffle recipe. It's great! You can use whole oats and wheat berries by soaking and pureeing them in a blender. The mixture sits out all night . . . More

Heart, Mind and Strength: What, you ask, is the Blender Batter waffle? I'm SERIOUS. It's the easiest way I have ever found to make hot breakfast available to my kids! . . . More 

Slashfood: There are a lot of cookbooks out there that claim to have healthy recipes, and some of them live up to their claims. But Sue Gregg takes healthy one step further . . . More

The Old Schoolhouse Review: Several months ago, I asked a friend for help with healthier recipes. I had been so tired, and knew that my diet needed some revamping. Her automatic response was, "Oh, get . . . More interview by Diane Wheeler: Whether we have an urgent need to address health concerns, such as allergies or illness, or we just know that a refined, highly processed diet is not best, it is difficult to know where to begin to change. . . More

Hen and Chicks:  Last night I put some buttermilk in the blender, and added rolled oats, brown rice, cracked wheat and millet. I mixed it (in the blender on a good, high/chop speed), let it sit overnight, and this morning simply added an egg, some baking soda and salt. Voila! My pancake batter was done! . . . More

Heart, Mind and Strength: There's a new cookbook out on whole grain baking by my favorite "health food" cook . . . More

A Mother's Rule of Life: She gives alternatives for many things (dairy, wheat, etc.) so you cook from the "same recipe" but adapt it with substitute ingredients for your particular allergy or intolerance, etc. . . More

Organic Fanatic: The Maker's Diet and More, Soaking and Sprouting Made Easier, A few weeks ago, I discovered that my husband and I are both sensitive to gluten. Gluten is found in such grains as wheat, spelt, kamut, barley, rye, and oats. . . The good news is, I have recently discovered one woman's answer to this baking problem. Sue Gregg offers . . . More

Where Righteousness and Mercy Kiss: I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about it, especially letting the batter (with milk in it!) sit out overnight, but . . . More

Kathy Fettke Radio Interview: Questions about the two stage process. . . More

Investment Cooking: In order to get the most nutrition from your cereal both Sue Gregg and Sally Fallon recommend soaking, fermenting or sprouting your grain before eating them. . .  More

Home School Blogger, Teaching Diligently, Aussie in America: This was my first Sue Gregg recipe. I actually thought it would be a waste of time because my daughter LOVES her waffles and pancakes and I didnít expect her to like the taste of them when they were made with brown rice! But she did. . .  What first impressed me about Sue Gregg  was her balanced approach to nutrition.  She not only strives to make food healthy but taste good too. . . More

Hoshana Rabbah, Messianic Discipleship Resources  . . . our top all-around favorite for every day meals as well as entertaining. . . . More

Marilyn B Blogger I wanted to try some gluten-free pancakes and... two, because my mom is very sensitive to wheat. . . . More

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