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The Two Stage Process
 is a preparation method that maximizes the nutritional value of whole grains and beans by soaking, fermenting, or sprouting the grain or beans before cooking or baking to neutralize the phytic acid.   . . . details in PDF file

Ingredient & Recipe Updates keep you alerted to changes in recipes ingredients as a result of ongoing research and recipe experimentation. . . . details in PDF file

Dairy Dilemma
A source of pure wholesome raw milk is difficult to find. The problem not easily solved, but there are some workable alternatives. . . . details in PDF file

About Whole Grains
Wheat is not the only whole grain. Discover the benefits of a variety of whole grains that don't require expensive equipment to prepare. . . details in PDF file

Food A Spiritual Matter 
"God is not a mountain guru only involved in the mystical and spiritual. The same hand that guides your soul gives food to your body. . . In the school of life, God is both the teacher and the cook. He provides fire for the head and food for the stomach. Your eternal salvation and your evening meal come from the same hand."      
                          Max Lucado.
   . . . details in PDF file

Sprouted Breads explains the benefits of sprouting and how to do it. Offers a model recipe.   . . . details in PDF file

About Soy Products
. . .
Information Link 

Wonder of Raw Milk
highlights the benefits of pure whole raw unprocessed milk. Offers a recipe alternative if you can't get it. . . . details in PDF file

Coconut Oil Benefits  An oil that competes with olive oil for superior quality.  . . .
details in PDF file

Soaking cereal overnight in a pan neutralizes the phytic acid
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It is convenient to soak batter overnight in a blender

Nourishing Traditions provides valuable information on the Two Stage Process

Two Stage Process  Ingredient & Recipe Updates  Dairy Dilemma  About Whole Grains
Food A Spiritual Matter  Sprouted Breads  Wonder of Raw Milk 
Coconut Oil Benefits


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