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Sue Gregg serves Emilie Barnes, 
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The Busy Woman's Guide to 
Healthy Eating, 
Eating Right--A Realistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle, 
The 15 Minute Meal Planner

This book, published by Harvest House, has been retitled three times with numerous reprints. It is now out of print, but it has been replaced by 

Introducing Whole Foods Cooking

About The Author      
    After a family health crisis, Sue Gregg began to question how to improve the nutritional value of the food she served her family.

    Nine months on a rigorous, restrictive healthfood diet, while successful in weight control and health renewal, presented too many obstacles and evoked too much resistance from her family. That experience convinced her that few meat and potatoes eaters would tolerate drastic dietary diversions.

    For two years she waited, researched, and prayed. One day standing at her kitchen sink she wondered, "Would it be possible to transform familiar family recipes?"  Sue began experimenting with better quality ingredients (white flour to whole grain, refined white sugar to honey, hydrogenated fats to nonhydrogenated) to convert old favorites such as minute bran muffins and cinnamon rolls. Trial and error testing eventually achieved the results she was looking for.

    Her success did not remain hidden. Others with similar concerns soon requested demonstrations, recipes, and cooking classes. Recipes accumulated and cookbooks followed.    

    Sue’s experimental cooking continues in her quest for recipes that balance convenience and cost, nutritional value and appetite appeal. She’s found the right seasoning combination that invites children to lick a lentil-rice casserole clean. She’s found a way to make fresh, light and tender whole grain waffles, pancakes, muffins, coffee cakes, and crepes without an expensive grain mill. She is always looking out for allergy alternative ingredients such as Kamut® grain or spelt, almond and coconut milk.

    Sue Gregg’s experience includes teaching home economics in a high school for two years after she received her B.S. in Home Economics Education at Washington State University. She also provided food service on the West Coast for student retreats at Ross Point, Idaho, International Student House Parties at The Firs Mt Baker Ski Lodge in Washington State and Hotel Gearhart on the Oregon coast, in Mexico, and Honduras. For seven summers she managed food service for hundreds of finicky junior highers, high schoolers, collegians, and families at Campus By The Sea  on Catalina Island 26 miles off the California coast. At that time modern conveniences were minimal with no electricity, freezer, telephone, or road to the camp. Food arrived via ocean going barge twice weekly. Despite these limitations the camp gained a reputation for serving a tasty variety of menus. This experience shaped Sue's awareness of the tastes and styles that appeal to a broad range of people.

    While traveling in the Eastern USA in 1982 she discovered that it was possible to develop light and tender whole grain muffin recipes that omitted the addition of fats and oils. 

    In 1984 Sue Gregg accepted the challenge of inaugurating a whole foods program for William Carey International University in Pasadena, California where students were preparing for overseas service.

   1985 found her at Campamento Citlali near Valle de Bravo in Mexico (60 miles west of Mexico City in the mountains) working to develop a center for university student retreats. She returned in 1988 and cooks from the retreat center interned in her California kitchen. They wanted to develop international cuisine to broaden the menu for their guests.

    In 1994 Sue was invited to teach fast food oriented American CoMission volunteers food survival skills in St Petersburg, Russia. Could Americans adapt to borsht, beets, and cabbage? Two Russian friends, Valentina Platova and Alex Krutov,  accepted invitations to learn healthy style American cooking in her Southern California kitchen. She has returned thirteen times to teach cooking classes partnering with her widow friend Ludmilla, and learning learn more about Russian home style cooking. She also takes opportunity to meet with t graduate orphan girls  at "The Harbor."

    In 1995 she filmed a video cooking curriculum for the Advanced Training Institute of America in Chicago. She has also demonstrated for television audiences from studios in Tustin and San Francisco California, Anchorage, Alaska, and Greenwood, Indiana.

     In 2001 she incorporated a convenient two stage blender batter baking process into whole grain recipes that unlocks more nutrients and produces smoother batters.  

     Her research, teaching, and sense of adventure took her to Okinawa, Kenya, Malawai, Estonia, and Russia in 2001 to partner with cross cultural envoys working in orphanages, universities, and community service projects. 2004 saw her in St. Petersburg and Pushkin, Russia for an 8th visit to conduct "Taste & Tell" classes for women who want to teach in Titus 2:3-5 ministries in their churches.

      In 2002 she published Cooking with Children, with CD recipe demonstrations accompanying her Lunches & Snacks cookbook and Baking with Whole Grains, a cooking curriculum for high school level and above.

     In 2005 Weight Management with SueGreggCookbooks supplemented the basic cookbook set in facilitating menu planning and calorie counting for weight control. It also complements weight loss programs as PRISM
® or  First Place. The 5th edition of Meals in Minutes incorporating the Two Stage Process in recipes was also released. A whole foods program was introduced to participants at The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia.

   December 2006 saw the release of Sue's first complete cookbook introducing whole foods in the Russian Language. It is accompanied by a Bible study guide for students focusing on four food connected studies in the Gospel of John and a teaching guide for cooking class leaders. An English translation edition was also released.

   Final editing of a 3rd edition of
Baking with Whole Grains curriculum was completed in April of 2007 along with a new Introduction to Whole Grain Baking which serves as the cooking course text. A 2nd edition of this book was published in 2009.

   A new 4th edition of Breakfasts was printed September 2007.  Recipes were revised to include the two stage process step. Tips and menu plan variations for weight management for both men and women were added. An updated 5th edition was released in 2010.

    Sue Gregg’s husband, Rich, partners as her critical but appreciative taste tester, photographer, editor, publisher, and webmaster. On Friday evenings from 2007 to 2008 you'd often find them traveling 60 miles from Riverside through downtown Los Angeles and on to Hollywood to cater dishes such as Baked Parmesan Chicken or Boef Chandlier  to "The Book That Made Your World" fellowship group sponsored by Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi on the campus of historic Hollywood Presbyterian Church or at
The U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, CA.

    2008 saw the inauguration of a two week
internship program in Sue's California kitchen for young cooks ages 13-21.

    In March 2009 Sue Returned to St. Petersburg Russia to
encourage Harbor participants and graduates as well as friends and former students of cooking classes. 

    2009 also saw the release of Introducing Whole Foods Cooking w/PowerPoint Demo CD for beginners and those who teach cooking classes. This book compresses essential nutritional concepts and offers basic beginner recipes. It also offers models on how to make mealtimes opportunities for significant conversations and teaching times at the table.

    In 2010 the 4th edition of Soups & Muffins was completed. 

    In 2011 Sue returned to St. Petersburg, Russia again, her 14th trip, accompanied by her 14 year old granddaughter. She was honored with a reunion of her leadership cooking class and with a reunion of Harbor graduate girls. 

   During the fall of 2011 she revisited long term food storage. Her research led her to time honored home food canning which she had engaged in with her mother-in-law years ago. It is labor intensive but in the long run very practical because it fulfills the all important qualification of "store what you eat and eat what you store."

    From the very start of their marriage Sue and her husband have opened their home to international students, neighborhood children, college students, and others. They have hosted home schooling families vacationing in Southern California as well as business people serving clients in the area. Many of these people have engaged in the "Blessing Dinners" described in the Introducing Whole Foods Cooking section on "Serving and Connecting."

     In 2012 they extended invitations to people already familiar with the SueGreggCookbooks to participate in "Cooking Vacations" in her Southern California kitchen where they prepare as many as 5 or more dishes a day with the guidance of Sue's consultation.

     A long awaited 4th edition of Lunches & Sancks with visual guides on CD that instruct and motivate young cooks is ready for launching early in 2012. 

     Sue Gregg’s research extends beyond current health fads and nutritional studies to focus on the historically accepted basics (e.g. choose fresh over processed, whole over refined, variety from all the food groups). For example, ancient texts from the Bible and archeological discoveries attest to the historical use and value of olive oil in Mediterranean regions. Modern research confirms its superiority over other fats and oils.

   Helping others overcome obstacles to enjoying wholesome food motivates Sue. She doesn’t buy the myth that things that are "good for you" have to taste like medicine. She doesn’t believe that Yuck is more healthy than Yum. Instead, she observes that good cooks tap into the powerful Creator implanted pleasure principle resident deep within the human psyche.

      Sue Gregg is motivated 
to see others enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by discovering the Creator’s design for living and serving. Then they can bring blessing to their families and serve a needy  world more effectively.


 Kamut® Grain  

 One distinctive of Sue Gregg's cooking style is her use of multiple whole grains, the blender batter baking method, and the two stage process.

    Her quick bread recipes use an ordinary blender.  It is convenient and cheap. The obstacle of having to purchase $500 worth of bread baking equipment for baking whole grain bread is eliminated.
  Sue Gregg has found that the secret to gaining acceptance of whole foods is to take old, familiar recipes and convert the quality of the ingredients.


DSC00675.JPG (62485 bytes)

Sue Gregg discovered that whole grain muffins without hydrogenated fats and white sugar could be just as appealing or more so than the less nutritious originals. 

   The important thing is to keep tweaking the recipe until it comes out right.
When people are introduced to whole grains, they are usually introduced to only one grain --whole wheat. Unfortunately it ranks #2 behind dairy products as the leading allergy food. 
  Sue Gregg introduces people to a "multi-grain approach." Thus, they can reduce the incidence of allergic reactions to wheat and enjoy the benefits of a wider range of sources of nutrition and flavor.

DSC00460.JPG (62320 bytes)
 Long Grain Brown Rice

Sue says, "A recipe is someone's idea that combines tradition, art, science, and even a bit of fantasy and fashion.  The challenge is to make it better. The two phase blender batter baking recipes do just that. Instead of using devitalized white flours, blender batter baking recipes take whole grains and immediately turn them into batter. Then by letting the batter rest for a few hours the phytates break down releasing minerals. The result is better nutrition and a smoother textured batter."

Review by Diane Wheeler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: 
I asked a friend for help with healthier recipes. I had been so tired, and knew that my diet needed some revamping. Her automatic response was, "Oh, get Sue Gregg's books. ...
" These are thorough and practical cookbooks which use familiar ingredients...
" . . .
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