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An Introduction to Whole Foods   Page One

What are Whole Foods?
Whole foods are grown, harvested, and processed in ways 
that maximize nutritional value and minimize nutritional loss.

1. Use whole grains in place of refined flours. 

2. Use unrefined sweeteners as honey in place of refined sugars. 

3. Use fresh fruits  and vegetables in place of preserved and processed. 

4. Use unprocessed oils as olive oil, butter, and coconut oil in place of 
    hydrogenated fats. 

5. Choose from  a variety of quality whole food ingredients as alternatives 
    to avoid troublesome food allergies and digestive problems.

How do you maximize the nutritional value of  grains and beans?   more . . .       

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Cornbread from Whole Kernel Corn

Waffles from a Variety
of Whole Kernel Grains

Fresh Garden Salads

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