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We're sorry but we do not answer questions about other people's recipes or products we do not use. In areas of nutritional controversy or speculation we recommend that you research with a Google search. 

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We are not recipe or nutrition radio show hosts inviting challenging questions to show off our expertise. We write and publish whole foods cookbooks to help you overcome obstacles in transitioning to whole foods. We want to communicate as clearly and accurately as possible. The updating and revision of our recipes is an on going process and that is why relevant questions are welcome.  

Frequently Asked Questions
We've prepared the Talking Food Pages to answer the most frequently asked questions. Check there first. Go to TALKING FOOD PAGES.

About Yeast Breads
First consult our cookbook on the subject: An Introduction to Whole Grain Baking. Many bread bakers unfortunately measure their success by how high their yeast breads rise. It is very difficult to trouble shoot yeast bread problems from afar, and we are reluctant to do so. We recommend that you gain competence with our multi-grain blender batter recipes before tackling yeast breads. If you are having difficulty with yeast breads we recommend that you first 1) go to the person who sold you your bread kneader, 2) find a mentor with whom you can work side by side.


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