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   We are offering a variety of recipes for you to help you get started with whole foods cooking:  Blender Waffles/Pancakes, Baked Parmesan Chicken, Yogurt Pie, Almond Coffee Cake, Country Creole Peas 'n Corn, Blender Cornbread, Taco Chip O'le, Black Bean Chowder, Split Pea Soup.

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      Transitioning to whole foods, even when we know it has long range benefits, isn't easy. So here is your opportunity to let us know about the challenges you are facing when it comes to food and eating a healthier diet. 

     The next two sections will help you identify obstacles and prioritize your concerns when it comes to transitioning to whole foods cooking. Filling them out is OPTIONAL, but we urge you to take the time to reflect on what is important to you. We will still fill your request if you skip them.

A. When it comes to preparing food I am concerned about

saving time
saving money
getting food to taste good
using ingredients of high nutritional quality

B. I am also concerned about
adjusting to allergies
finding gluten free recipes
managing weight

C. I'd like to
teach my children how to cook
prepare cook ahead freezer meals
 fix dinners for guests using whole foods 
 teach healthy cooking classes in my neighborhood/home school group/church/other

   In our recipes we attempt to remove as many obstacles as possible to your success with whole foods cooking e.g. not having to buy expensive equipment, providing tested recipes with taste appeal, supplying low cost menus.  Nevertheless, change brings the challenge of adjustment. 

        First the easy part:
    How did you find Sue Gregg Cookbooks?
  e.g. Browsing the internet, A friend or relative, 
         Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Molly Green Magazine, etc.

    How many people do you regularly serve meals to?
    Describe your current cooking style. e.g. Meat & Potatoes, Three Square Meals,
        Frozen entrees, Can/box opener, Vegetarian, Italian, Mexican, Fend For Yourself,
        Fast Food, Pizza, Dine out often, etc.

    Identify the most important one, two, or three items you checked above. 
        And now a bit more challenging:
    What changes would you like to make? 
    How do you assess your spouse's and children's attitudes toward trying new recipes? 
    What challenges
e.g. allergies, health conditions, tight food budget, etc. do you face? 
        Please write your narrative in the box above.   

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We want to help you succeed in whole foods cooking from the very start. 

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