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I currently try to cook healthy, and am also trying to look for food allergies and chemical reactions one of my children may be having, and am fed up with getting prescriptions, and no real answers at the doctor's office. I also watch our pennies. I am a homeschooling mom, and am always interested in how much to incorporate home skills and at what ages to do so. I have heard your Lunches book is a great start in this area, but none of my friends who own any Sue Gregg cookbooks are willing to lend them out. They are all their favorites!--And they each own ALL of them! (It is not that I am not trustworthy, but these are apparently their personal "gold nuggets" with which they refuse to part, even for a day or two!) Pam, Carbondale, IL 

I usually cook dinners for my husband and myself during the week. Most of the complicated dishes are cooked on the weekends.  I need some piece of advice on the time-saving dishes to cook on work days.        Julia, Krasnodar, Russia

A friend has all your cook books and I have enjoyed looking through them when I visit her home (she doesn't loan out her prized Sue Gregg books!)    Linda, Welches, OR 

I started PRISM® about 5 months ago and eliminated all white flour and white sugar. As a result, I have lost 36 lbs and feel much better. I am interested in trying new recipes that are more healthy, not time consuming and easy to put together. I would like to take better care of myself and my family's health.  Roberta, Sterling, VA 

I recently found out I'm hypoglycemic and am on a mission to eat healthier.  I've eliminated sugar and refined flours from my diet, but am in search of some healthy whole grain foods to prepare for my family so they won't be so hesitant to eat healthier foods.  I feel so much better after just 1 month of no sugar, I would like to pass on that good feeling to the rest of my family.  The soy pancakes I tried to make for the kids earlier were a disaster so I was really excited to see your pancake/waffle recipe on the web. Rachel, Springfield, OR

I am a twenty-year old bride-to-be
(31 days to go!). My older sister (34 yrs old) - wife and mother of two is on top of the most holistic and natural diet for her family. she mills her own wheat... mixes, then bakes. juices regularly. eats fruits and vegetables in their rawest form. etc etc. I, however, am just starting out. I feel overwhelmed by the expense of the cost of the appliances that can help me prepare fresh whole wheat breads, not to mention the cost of food at the grocers! This will be my first time paying for everything and preparing it on my own. my sister is a great help, but she lives 4 hours away. I feel I need to get this together myself and QUICK. I have a good handle on what is good to eat and what isn't, but I just need to implement the process. I want to be able to shop just once a week and then have all my meals mapped out, cook ahead some and have something tasty and welcoming for myself and my husband in the evenings, and then in the mornings and for lunch. I want to learn to be a natural in the kitchen.  I'm a quick learner and a self-starter. I just need a boost. Where do I start?  Rose-Ann, Charlotte, NC

I am a Christian childbirth educator and aspiring homebirth midwife/herbologist.  I home school three of my four children during the day and many nights are spent teaching various classes.  I love your recipes  and often share them with my childbirth clients and friends.  Roxanne, Anchorage, AK

I have been convicted for the last few years of our need to change our eating habits. Even though I am a SAHM I too often find myself pulling out the Hamburger Helper to fix a quick meal. I have diabetes as well as celiac sprue (gluten-intolerant), and allergies. My sons are always "stuffed" up - it seems like they never sound clear.  None of us have much energy. My husband has urged me a number of times to start buying more fresh fruit and veggies. But, now that the children are so used to the "junk", how do I get them to eat a bowl of oatmeal or a cereal that doesn't have a ton of sugar in it?  Sabrina, Stewart, MN

I found you from doing searches for healthy toddler foods on the internet. Someone referred to one of your recipes.  I have a 1 1/2 year old and I desperately want to raise him to eat healthier than I did.  When I grew up we ate out almost every night of the week.  I don't have warm memories of my mother cooking a family favorite, and I want my son to have that.  As a result of my family experience I have no idea what to fix or how to fix it. I rely on others who did get some recipes handed down from their moms.  I hope you can help me feed my son more nutritiously with ingredients that don't come from too many cans or bags! Leslie, Lavonia, GA  

I need help. I grew up in a home that ate its meals based on money and convenience not nutrition.  I fed my family this way for the last 13 years.  I have 3 small children and would really like to learn how to cook more healthy meals.  Rose, Jacksonville, FL

I have been trying to cook with whole foods for the past year. Not everything I've made has tasted that good. My husband isn't thrilled with the idea of natural foods, he likes the traditional over-processed high sugar foods he grew up on.  I am interested in purchasing your series, but would like to sample a couple recipes to show my husband that wholesome food can taste wonderful.  I tried the blender waffles from your web site and my children loved them!  Mildred, Las Vegas, NV

I was first introduced to you 12 years ago through your book, Eating Right. I have had pretty good success cooking with whole foods, but I have never tried any of your recipes until tonight. I made the almond coffee cake and it was very tasty. I am trying to convert my family (especially. my 4 oldest children) to a healthier diet.

I'm praying that my husband will be eating healthier eventually. He does eat my whole grain bread, salad, and eats cooked oatmeal for breakfast, which is something he DID Not do when we got married almost 12 years ago. I rescued him from eating Frankenberries cereal, beani weanies, and McDonalds/Burger King every day-Yuck! I think the Lord put us together especially for his health! Even I, raised on the all-American diet, knew better than to eat like that! Praise the Lord, my husband went from resistance to health foods when we first married to now wanting to eat healthier. He wants me to start adding healthier ingredients to the foods we already like.                  Kitty, Coarsegold, CA

During lunch today, I did a web search on "alternatives to white flour" and Wha La! your site was the first that I clicked on.  I'm absolutely amazed at what I'm looking at. 

My husband and I switched to a Wellness Center for our health care last December. He was diagnosed with Diabetes II and was allergic to potatoes and sugar.  I was deemed allergic to cow's milk and soy.  I have since read about the cons of processed foods, white flour and such.  It's been the pits to try to change the way I've always cooked.  We love breads and sweets and the recipes that I have tried using alternative flours and sugars have been awful to put it honestly. I think my husband almost hates to sit at the table anymore wondering what I've decided to poison him with today.  He loves food and it's been tough for him, but he has managed to lose 25 lbs and hold.  We'd like to develop a more healthy diet for our last years on God's earth. 

I've gone to health food stores, but I don't know how to use all the different whole grain bread choices so your site could be a huge resource for me.  We don't have a lot of money to spare, but if I could develop a small group of 'guaranteed' recipes, I would be grateful.   Katherine, Plano TX

I have been introduced to your cookbooks through various home school organizations. My husband was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes and we are undergoing drastic dietary changes. Will you books help us in that direction?  Leslie, Jeffersonville IN

A friend mentioned you to me, so I looked you up on the internet.  I am a home schooling mother of five, currently pregnant with twins.  We have just had to buy a new house to accommodate our twins, and I am feeling the need to eat healthier and be more frugal. We eat too much convenience food!  Clarise, Tualatin, OR

 I first heard about you from a friend who received a set of your cook books as a wedding gift.  I have again been introduced through "Open Arms Magazine" and with three children, another one on the way, and home schooling I find myself being enticed all too often by quick (usually unhealthy) meals.  I would like to change that. be right for me.  Robin, Yucaipa, CA

Actually, I "stumbled" across your website while looking for a low-fat version of Cafe Beaujolais Coffee Cake...thanks!!

I'm a  personal chef who serves others in their homes.  While I do cater to my clients' wants and desires, I'm finding that a lot of a people are in a "food rut" and generally don't make healthy, nutritious choices. 

In 1993 my mother died from diabetes and other related illnesses at age 50.  At the time I was 28, 50 lb overweight, smoking, and no doubt heading for the same fate.  Over the course of a year, I managed to get rid of the weight through a vegetarian diet, which I designed myself.  I also stopped smoking, began exercising and even became a certified aerobics instructor!  Since then, I've become a little less fanatic about food, and I do eat meat 1-2 times a week, as well as some eggs, though I still only use rice or soy milk and only occasional cheese.  My weight fluctuates a bit, but this is usually related to inactivity (long hours at a desk); as soon as I start moving, it balances out, so my metabolism is still quite intact. 

Basically, my philosophy is "all things in moderation," and I'm trying to help my clients to eat healthier by adapting some of their favorite foods without compromising flavors and textures.

George, Personal Chef
San Leandro, CA  

What a tremendous blessing to find you.  I have been using the Mommy diagnostics book for about a year now and have recently begun ordering  herbs on a regular basis.  I found Shonda Parker's website and just today found your link. Praise Jesus!  We have been eating whole grains regularly for some time but are also seeking to overcome allergies, lower my husband's cholesterol, and continue to educate our 3 children in preparing, enjoying, and choosing healthy meals. You are a very precious answer to months of prayer.  I look forward to gleaning from your experience. Tami, Bentonville, AR

I found your site from a link on Titus2.com.  I am interested in preparing meals with healthier ingredients, but my husband is somewhat resistant to a lot of whole foods.  I'm also frustrated with the condition of food these days (highly processed, sugars, pesticides, etc.) and that it's not always easy to find and afford good foods.  I have had some experience cooking with whole foods, but my family isn't always receptive.  I would like to use more whole foods in my meals and would be interested in ways of using whole foods that my husband and two children would enjoy also.  Felicia, Lowell, MI

Your books are an inspiration.  I grew up eating very healthy food, thanks to my parents who understood good nutrition and its impact on their children's health.  Your books have continued to help me build upon that foundation, with the delightful fragrance of our Lord and creator 'mixed' in! Having just purchased a new mill (I have been using my Mother's stone mill that she purchased in the mid- 70's!) I am looking forward to milling a greater variety of grains.  I began today with spelt and tried to make spelt bread using the recipe in Yeast Breads. I found that I needed to add substantially more flour to obtain a 'kneadable' texture. ( I have a Bosch mixer). Having never baked with spelt, I'm unsure of the dough texture.  The dough did not rise well and the now baked result is cake-like and heavy.  I used Saf yeast, and dough enhancer.  I am particularly interested in achieving a good result with spelt, as I seem better able to digest it than wheat.  If you could give me some feedback or direct me to a source of spelt-specific baking information. I would be grateful.  Thank you again for your efforts!    Sallye, Shingle Springs, CA

What do you do about all the treats that kids are offered? Look at this list of when treats are offered to my kids.

*Bank - I just say no to the suckers.
*Soccer games - they usually end up eating the treats. I usually make them give me the drink if it's not 100% juice, anything less than that will give them stomachaches. I try to bring somewhat healthier stuff (stuff the other kids won't balk at.)
*Friends - I'm not there, they eat it.
*Birthday parties - they eat it.
*Homeschool group - They usually ask me first, and I let them eat a little because I feel bad for them.
*Husband - enough said.
*School - (Just the kindergartner for now, soon to be remedied.)
*Grocery store - free cookies (My kids don't even know you can get one free!)
*Parades - well, we've never actually been to one yet...
*Holidays - I let them keep them and they put them in their candy boxes. Then they forget about them and usually don't eat them. Unless my dd is on a sugar kick and then she nags and nags.
*Relatives - ooh that's a hard one. Everyone thinks I'm so depriving my kids and that I'm so controlling. I have one SIL that goes to the candy store and buys each kid like 3 lbs of candy before they go on a road trip. I never see them w/o candy!
*Vacations - I let them live a little.
*Church - in the kid's programs they are always being handed treats for being reverent or answering questions correctly
*Church activities - always have treats, and since my husband works with the scouts, and I work with the teenage girls, we typically go to an activity during the week as well. Plus we'll have activities for the whole church every few months as well.

I think the hardest thing is I have this husband who says, "Oh let them live a little!" And then they keep living a little and by and by they have had quite a bit of candy!

Here are some of the things I've done:
(1) Trained my kids to always ask me first if they can eat it.
(2) At birthday parties (since they are pretty rare), they go for it.
(3) At Halloween, they get all their candy and go shopping in our "Halloween" store. They can keep maybe 10 candies, and then have to (oops I mean get to) spend the rest on books, small toys, etc.
(4) I have them bring the treat home and let them trade for healthy treats in my healthy treat bag.

But what still gets me is all the little candy they get here and there that just really adds up. I know I probably really just need to teach them to value good health and to say no more, but it is really hard. 

I haven't yet ordered your cookbooks, but I'm saving up my money so I can!  We tried the blender batter waffles without wheat/eggs/milk (for an allergy diet) and they were actually quite good (even though they were really crumbly since there wasn't an egg.) 

Molly in Colorado


I recently purchased the 15 minute meal planner.  I have been gradually working towards a healthier lifestyle for about two years.  I find it very time consuming to learn and cook and was hoping to continue to find tasty recipes that I can afford and get my family to eat.  I tend towards a vegan diet.  I have my own grain mill and soymilk maker.  Right now much of my kitchen time is spent still learning myself, so my 10 and 13 year old have minimal experience cooking healthy foods besides instant puddings, package cookies, or ramen noodles - not very healthy choices either.  They tend to eat and desire the things that they cook themselves.  My 10 year old is a picky eater and has chosen not to eat rather than to eat what I have prepared, because she wants something different.  I'd like to teach them to cook several everyday healthy meal dishes a couple of days a week.  Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this.      Lisa, Brooklyn, Iowa

RESPONSE: See the cooking courses for children.

I am the mother of three children, ages 9,7, and 4. I am concerned about feeding my family healthier meals that are still cost effective, tasty, and don't take a long time to prepare.  We eat some good products like whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter but still eat too much sugar and not enough produce.  My husband and I are fairly adventuresome when it comes to food but I hear, "oooh, no thank you!" from the kids way too often.  I am the only one who could stand to lose several pounds, the rest of the family is very lean.  Melanie, Portland, OR

I found you through a discussion at The Well Trained Mind Board.  I'm a nutrition major-turned-physician, but with 6 kids and homeschooling finding time and organization to prepare healthy meals is a real challenge.  I make my own bread frequently, but whole wheat is the only grain readily available at our small-town store.  Jessica, Marshall, MO

I read about your books on http://www.realfoodliving.com. My husband is in the military. When we lived in Washington State 6 years ago we had a food cooperative we shopped. We tried whole grains and organic foods for the first time. We've used them off and on since then. We just moved from Sicily and my children are almost 12 and 14 and I want so much to teach them how to cook healthy and take care of their bodies. My son and I are also overweight and we would like to learn to eat healthier. Knock out the junk food. I would like to have curriculum geared to a 12 and 14 year old. Thank you so much!   Mary, Crestview, FL

Thank you for the Taste and Tell Cookbook.  I've made the Country Creole Peas 'Corn, spinach & Orange Salad and the Carrot Bran Muffins.  We liked all of them.  I didn't have Wheat Bran so I substituted oat bran and added more liquid for the muffins.  I sure like the blender method using whole grain.  Which cookbook would have more of that type of recipe and how many new recipes using that method would be in it? You certainly have done a wonderful job of modifying a regular diet to a healthy one thru your cookbooks.  God bless you.  Jennifer, Glidden IA

ANSWER: The Breakfast cookbook

I found your e-mail address in the book "The Bible's Seven Secrets to Healthy Eating," but I have also read the 15-Minute Meal Planner that Sue co-authored with Emily Barnes.  I am very interested in nutrition and providing healthy food for my new husband and myself.  We are both health-conscious, as we desire to serve the Lord in a rigorous and physically-challenging ministry overseas. I try to use whole grains as much as possible and fix vegetable and fruit salads with every dinner, if time permits.  I often need to make three meals per day for my husband and myself, which can be time-consuming when I want to make each meal nutritious and delicious.

Thank you for your recipes.  We both especially enjoy the ground turkey and cornbread casserole (it may be called tamale pie or casserole?)    Rhonda, Orange, CA

I just finished reading The 15 Minute Meal Planner and am very excited about healthier cooking.  Your book was so educational and God centered that I am completely convinced that I need to start cooking differently. I have no experience cooking with whole foods yet...but am ready to slowly start introducing them to my mealtimes. Anne, Canyon Lake CA

I'm a homeschooling mother of three beautiful girls ages 6, 4 and 21 mos.  I first heard of you when I saw your books in the Urban Homemaker catalogue.  I didn't realize you had a website until I was perusing Shonda Parker's site, and saw the link when I was subscribing to the Naturally Healthy Living magazine.  
I have a husband who's a diabetic with Parkinson's disease, and daughters who have hay fever type allergies. I am overweight. I've just begun to really cook with whole foods.  I've gotten rid of the refined sugars and flours, and I need some education about how to plan, purchase, freeze whole food meals.  I enjoy cooking most meals fresh, but it would be nice to have some meals in the freezer, as well as contributing to the freezer stock that fuels our church's meals ministry.

I'd also like to teach our daughters that this is the way to cook, so that whole foods are the norm to them, and the other stuff is flavorless.  I have a friend that was raised a vegetarian, and she now doesn't eat meat not because of some ethical reason, she's just so used to the other good stuff that the texture of meat is icky to her.  I'm not saying that I want our family to become vegetarians, but I want the whole foods to be that normal to our girls.  Does that make any sense?  Thank you for your wonderful ministry!  May God richly bless you all!    Anne, Superior, MT

I heard about this site from Pam my Prism Weight loss consultant.  I am desperately trying to change poor eating habits into healthy habits.  I love whole grain foods but do not have a clue as to what I can do with them in my baking and cooking.  Planning meals and menus is another area I am trying to get the hang of.  Cynthia, Seattle, WA

I stumbled into naturally healthy living website and was so inspired! This is what i have been trying to do on my own for years. I am very excited to have others input. I have 4 kids under 11. I want them to eat and be healthy, but I have found my recipes to be lacking in appealing taste and texture. I appreciate your suggestions.  Haldi, Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada

I am a homeschooling mother with 4 children and a wonderful husband.  We have transitioned to cooking with whole foods over the last year and a half.  My family has been very supportive and happy with the results.

I have enjoyed your Lunches and Snacks cookbook which I bought from Cindy Rushton. I also have a copy of your waffle/pancake batter which was in Joyfull Noise. We love that recipe and appreciate the versatility it offers.

I do have one daughter who appears to have food allergies, which we are attempting to narrow down now so I appreciate your sensitivity to cooking for allergic family members. I'm looking forward to collecting your cookbooks and furthering my knowledge of whole foods cooking. Penelope, Stafford, VA 

I found your link on the RealFood Digest website.  I attended a "What the Bible Says about Healthy Living" conference here in my town this weekend and am now wanting recipes to take this knowledge from my head/heart to my table!  Thanks!  Louise, Fort Smith AR

I see your name in Christian health web-sites and homeschool curriculum.We have just started with whole grains, no white sugar, etc and it is going well so far.  I wouldn't call it a major change, but recipes and time are hard to come by.  I also like the "why you shouldn't eat this" explanations.  Makes my job easier in convincing my family to eat better.  Ginger, Wellington, OH

I receive the Naturally Healthy Living e-newsletter.  Your website was referred to in the latest issue.  I have very little experience in cooking with whole foods. I'm a true novice, but I'd like to learn more.  I have a limited amount of time to devote to cooking.  I have high cholesterol and heart disease runs in my family.  I have lost weight and am increasing my exercise to try to prevent and reverse any heart disease that I am developing.  I would like to make changes in my cooking as well.  Betty, Whitehall, MI


I have a daughter who is 6 years old and a son who is 3 years old. Both love to help cook. I would like to have a more structured cooking lesson at some point with my daughter and teach her the why's and how's of cooking.  I have been researching and experimenting with different nutritional philosophies (ie. low fat, high protein, no dairy, no meat etc.)  It gets very frustrating to figure out the best way to eat as well as how to eat healthy without spending a fortune. I have found with a lot of the cooking styles flavor is definitely sacrificed and I'm not willing to give up the enjoyment of eating good tasting food.  I hope your recipes will be what I am looking for. Nancy, Indianapolis, IN

I have been experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism. I want to improve my very bad diet with healthy foods. We are on a very limited budget. I also need to convince my husband that fruits and vegetables are necessary for health.  I also would like to teach my boys to cook healthy meals. Sabrina, Troy, ID

I heard about you from a neighbor who is a nutritionist. She often makes up a lot of freezer meals in one day (power cooking). She told me she likes your books best.  I am interested in eating healthier and getting my children to eat healthier ( I would like to power cook, too).  I am reading "Tired of being tired" by Dr. Hanley and would like to cook with more whole foods and use less processed food.  I think this would help my lack of energy and maybe my older son's ADD.  Your books came highly recommended. Rosalind, Penfield, NY

I started being interested in whole foods in the early 80s, but didn't really do much about it until several years ago when I became a vegetarian-went that route for 2 years but now eat whatever I want which is sometimes good, sometimes bad!  We are basically fast food addicts, and I am trying hard now to break that addiction for everyone's health and to save money (although my husband is not convinced that cooking at home is cheaper!).  I have a lot of whole grain recipes but my family doesn't seem to accept brown rice too readily.  Lillian, Pottstown, PA

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