Introducing Whole Foods Cooking
dispels the myth that healthy whole foods must necessarily be appetite appeal-less. Model recipes start you on a culinary adventure that breaks the barriers to success without resorting to white flour, white sugar, or hydrogenated shortening. Essential nutritional concepts and the 2 Stage Process explained. Three breakfast, two lunch, Eight Dinner His/Hers starter menus include calorie counts for weight management and alternate dish choices for variety.

At the Table
 Serving and Connecting segment shows how everyone can participate in a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude around the table. 

PowerPoint Demo CD includes group teaching materials and a high school level semester course for Menu Planning and Meal Preparation. Five inductive studies in the gospels of John and Luke show how the Master Chef bridged from the physical to the spiritual. 
75 pages ISBN 1-878272-21-7 ©2009 $17

Finally, here is someone who can share the secrets of cooking with things such as coconut oil, whole and alternative grains, sprouted/soaked grains, honey and maple syrup, etc. while applying Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions research.  Organic Fanatic  Read More . . .

Most of the book is teaching material--teaching you (and your kids) about nutrition, about how to add more whole foods into your diet, about putting together a menu, about keeping costs down, etc.  And there is Bible study included as well, which I found fascinating.
Footprints in the Butter  Read More . . .

Alex Krutov deftly lifts a hot blender batter buckwheat waffle as guest Judy Sally and author Sue Gregg anticipate adding strawberries, fresh peaches, blackberries, blueberries, homemade yogurt, and real maple syrup as toppings.

Recipes with Gluten Free Alternative Grains

Blender Waffle/Pancake (all grains)
Almond Coffee Cake (rice)
Blender Corn Bread
Country Creole Peas 'n Corn
Brown Rice
Taco Chip O'le (corn chips)
Pasta Parmesan Supreme (pasta choice)
Black Bean Chowder
Quinoa Curry

Test Sample Recipe

Blender Batter Waffles or Pancakes
Models the Two Stage Process
Allergy Alternatives for Grains & Dairy 
with Blender Batter Baking

Look Inside the Book
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Others Say . . .  
       If you want to move your family toward healthier eating, but donít know where to begin or arenít sure that they will like healthier foods, Sue Gregg is a good place to start . . . Raising Olives

     I have been trying to get back to a focused eating plan that is actually life-sustaining. So I was delighted when I was given a copy of Sue's book . . . Legacy of Home

      I am even more grateful for the teaching CD with this book. The girls have now started helping to plan meals and grocery lists as well as cook with me . . . A Glimpse of Our Life

This book alone provides 1/2 a yearís curriculum for my daughter. . . ElCloud Homeschool


Look Inside the Book
PDF may take awhile to load


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