Introducing Whole Grain Baking with Blender Batter Baking and The Two Stage Process

12 model quick bread recipes and 18 yeast bread recipes apply Nourishing Traditions research. Soak, sprout, and spounge to break down phytates, increase nutritional value, and improve digestibility. Use allergy alternative grains. PowerPoint demonstrations provide close up visuals so that you don't miss important steps--more detailed than YouTube videos. 173 p. with recipe demo CD. 2007 2nd ed. $23

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Recipe Previews
Blender Waffle/Pancakes p. 95
Fresh/Dried Apple Topping p. 104
Delicious Whole Grain Dough p.144

Cookbook serves as the text for Baking with Whole Grains, A comprehensive Home Economics Unit Study for high school (and above) level. The semester course covers whole grain baking from quick breads to flat breads and loaf breads through yeast breads. The curriculum package (text and workbook) is $60.

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Recipes with Gluten Free Grain Alternatives
Almond Coffee Cake
Blender Corn Bread
Blender Waffles/Pancakes
Blender Crepes
Blender Nut Muffins

Gluten Free Review
A few weeks ago, I discovered that my husband and I are both sensitive to gluten . . . The good news is, I have recently discovered one woman's answer to this baking problem. . . Organic Fanatic  Read more . . .


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Recipes pp. 157-159 in Whole Grain Baking

     I highly recommend considering this for a high school home economics credit course. Normally I would not have considered purchasing a cooking curriculum because our family cooks every day. However, taking the time out to study this more in depth has added skill and knowledge that probably wouldn't have been gained otherwise. . . Raising Olives

These cookbooks do not contain just recipes. They contain a ton of information on the hows and whys of healthy eating. . .  Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter

I followed instructions to make dough, and then I separated the dough in half. I placed each half in a greased bread pan and let them rise until the dough rose to the level of the pans. I baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The recipe for the dough was easy to follow and much to my amazement my bread turned out wonderful! . . . The Nourishing Homemaker

Test Sample Recipe

Blender Batter Corn Bread 
w/gluten free grain alternative

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