Carol's Finnish Pancakes  
Moist and custard-like, not your usual pancakes! Bakes into 2 layers with a moist chewy bottom layer and a custard-like top layer. Cut into squares or pie wedges and top with fresh fruit, berries, fruit or berry sauces. Demonstrated here is a carob tofu variation.

  Carol Ahola has applied whole foods standards to this ethnic dish which connects her family to their far northern roots in a land of white summer nights and long, long winter darkness. 

   Others more accustomed to American, Mexican, French, Italian, Southwestern, or Southern fare may not feel the same genetic vibrations in their taste buds. Nevertheless, we urge you to broaden your taste experience with this dish that sounds more like dessert than breakfast in this version. Those with non-Finnish ancestors may wish to double the honey.
Guest Demonstration 

   Milt and Carol Ahola, gifted in hospitality and cross cultural friendships, actively befriend neighbors on the island of Okinawa. 
   Meet them once, and you'll be feasting and talking at their table. If you want to get cooking lessons on healthy American style cooking or Japanese cooking, you can get either one in both languages in Carol's kitchen.
   All of this comes with large doses of practical wisdom and insightful advice on living life well. 

   A free-lance writer, Carol has published articles in several magazines including Guideposts, Decision, and Sunday Digest..  She also speaks at women's conferences.
    In addition to this recipe demonstration Carol has agreed to let us publish some of the thought provoking (and life changing) questions that have grown out of the experience of numerous conversations around her kitchen table.  Learn more

Carob Variation   from Breakfasts page 168
AMOUNT: 9" X 13" Baking Pan    4 to 6 Servings
Bake: 400 degrees F (205C) 20 to 35 minutes

STEP#1  Melt Butter in 9" x 13" Baking Pan or Pie Plate

STEP#2  Place in Blender; Blend at High Speed 
(3 minutes with grain or 30 seconds with flour)

Lowfat or Nonfat Milk Eggs Honey
Salt 1 Teaspoon Vanilla (optional) Variation not in book recipe Tofu (optional) 
Variation not in book recipe
  Tofu Grain
Carob Powder, Sifted    
If blender overflows, remove some of the liquid and add the remaining tofu.  

STEP# 3 Pour batter into pan over evenly distributed melted butter

STEP#4 Bake at 400 degrees 20-35 minutes or until knife come clean out of center. Tofu option requires additional time.  Variation not in book recipe

Chop Nuts Add carob chips Add nuts
Add optional sliced bananas, shredded coconut, serve

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