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Serving an Apprenticeship 
                                    as Sue Gregg's Personal Assistant

Do you already have some experience in whole foods cooking* but want to expand your recipe repertoire and menu planning skills? Do you possess a holy ambition to find imaginative ways to serve others?  Would you like to learn how to cook for a crowd, create a Blessing Dinner, serve a meal featuring a special guest**, make a memorable meal for a ministry group, manage food service for a short term mission team, plan for a camping trip, provide meals for an archeological dig team, teach cooking classes, manage food service for a hundred, practice recipe development and testing, someday publish your own cookbook?

    An apprenticeship with Rich and Sue Gregg is designed to help you do just that.
Sue and her husband, Rich, want to help you develop a vision for serving others.  Their home is a living laboratory where you can practice "leading by serving." 

    In the gospels Jesus provides us models in real life situations.  He saves a wedding  planner from suffering the humiliation of putting on the celebration talked about as "The wedding where they ran out of . . ." He demonstrates to professional fishermen that he knows where the fish are and how to catch them. He provides fish & chips catering service to hungry thousands camping out in the countryside. He heals the afflicted, restores sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and energizes leaping legs for the paralyzed. He even prepared a beach breakfast for some very tired, hungry fishermen after he turned their all night fishing failure into overwhelming success.  

    Jesus service went beyond meeting readily apparent needs. That was only the opener for his teaching about how people could find forgiveness and how broken relationships could be restored. Much of this occurred around eating and dining settings.
In the gospel of Luke alone there are 10 dining or eating events where Jesus was the main figure and 7 other occasions involving food in a parable, event, or discussion.    
Jesus' examples and his followers' practice in Acts 2:42-47 supply models we can imitate.

You are invited to join Sue and her husband, Rich, as they engage in cooking and serving in ways that open doors to service and ministry. In an apprenticeship you practice in the real world of food preparation activities in the kitchen and serving at the table where people engage in significant conversations. 

    You can learn alongside Mrs. Gregg and she practices what she has taught in Russia, Okinawa, Estonia, Kenya, Malawi, and Mexico. She and her husband invite you to learn and earn through hands-on practice.

If you are 18 to 24 years old***, a typical apprenticeship begins with short term trial. It is extended on a week by week basis and can grow into a self-supporting work-study program of a month or more. It can be coordinated with continuing online home school or home school graduate studies while you are in residence.

     Interested?  Write an email
to  introducing yourself and your experience with cooking and serving, as well as your aspirations for what you would like to learn. We'll answer your questions.**** Please provide mailing address and phone number.

*Familiarity with the SueGreggCookbooks is very helpful.
**A guest, Michael Austin, describes his experience at one of the Gregg's Blessing Dinners.  Read . . .
***If you are younger or old than 18-24, ask us about our more specialized age appropriate programs.
****Like to hear about former apprentices' experiences? Ask for contact information.

In an apprenticeship you work alongside someone else who is more experienced.  Your objective is to gain from their wisdom and experience. That person becomes a model and mentor.

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Alex Krutov's six months apprenticeship was part of the training that helped prepare him to launch a ministry with young adult orphans in Russia. When he visits homes in the US he says about his serving philosophy: "If a meal needs cooking, I cook it. If the floor needs vacuuming, I vacuum. If the children need entertaining, I entertain.  .  . If the family needs counseling, I counsel." Click the photo above to see what Alex is doing now. 

Emily Zachry's prepared more than 75 recipes during her eleven week apprenticeship. She cooked for two guest hospitality events of more than 20 people, and taught children's cooking classes. She also ventured into experimenting with recipe development, something Sue does all the time.

Alex Krutov demonstrates his orange peeling technique to Emily Zachry. After Alex's apprentice with Sue Gregg in 1997 he co-founded The Harbor, a training center for young adult orphans in St. Petersburg, Russia

*Some of our special guests have included Professor Siegfried Schaible (Mathematician, University of California, Taiwan, Italy), Mickey Pease, (ESL Teacher, Kazakhstan), Dr. Ralph Winter, founder U. S. Center for World Mission, Pasadena, CA. Rabi R. Maharaj, speaker, author, Death of a Guru, Vishal Mangalwadi (Philosopher/Author, The Book That Made Your World, India), JD Bennett (Actor, Athlete, Author, Musician, Historian, Spain, Mexico), Udo Middlemann (Author, The Islamization of Christianity/The Frances Schaeffer Foundation, Germany, Switzerland, New York), Mary Poplin (Professor of Education, Claremont Graduate School, Author, Finding Calcutta and Is Reality Secular?), Alex Krutov (Author, Infinitely More, Co-founder, The Harbor, St Petersburg, Russia). 

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