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Here are 10 whole foods recipes
with step-by-step photo demonstrations to help your family transition to a whole foods lifestyle. Test these recipes before you purchase cookbooks. They will prepare you and those you serve adjust to whole foods cooking with confidence and anticipation.

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#1 Blender Batter Waffles/ Pancakes from Breakfasts #2   Baked Parmesan Chicken from Main Dishes #3  Yogurt Pie from Desserts

Who are these recipes for?
1. People who want to eat healthier whole foods.
2. Cooks who are tired of serving the same old stuff.
3. Families who want to get away from prepackaged foods with too much sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans & hydrogenated fats.
4. Folks who've had tasteless experiences with "health food."
5. Mothers who want alternatives the whole family can enjoy without having to cook separate dishes for a child with allergies.
6. Families who want to economize using low-cost grains and beans dishes.

#4  Almond Crunch Coffee Cake from Breakfasts

#5  Country Creole Peas 'n Corn from Meals in Minutes #6  Blender Batter Corn Bread from Meals in Minutes  

Who's using these recipes?
1. People struggling with a health crisis that has precipitated the necessity for lifestyle change.
2. Parents who want children to learn hands on healthful cooking.
3. Adults who want nutritionally balanced recipes and menus for sensible weight management.
4. Cooks who want to serve whole foods with proven appetite appeal.
5. Budget conscious families who are not yet ready to invest in expensive processing equipment as a grain mill or bread kneader.

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#7  Taco Chip Ole from Main Dishes #8 Blender Batter Bran Muffins from Soups & Muffins
#9 Split Pea Soup from Soups & Muffins

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#10 Black Bean Chowder from Soups & Muffins

Sue Says: "Don't take my word for it!  Taste test the 
                   recipes before you purchase cookbooks."  

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