A Comprehensive Wholefoods Cooking System Balancing 
Nutritional Quality & Taste, Convenience & Cost

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Presentations To Groups
      Do you find people asking you questions about cooking or nutrition? Are they concerned about allergies or a food sensitivity? Are you connected to a MOPS, PRISM, home school support, weight loss, coop, or neighborhood group? Considering teaching a class using SueGreggCookbooks resources? Here are some tips for occasions when you are invited to speak or give a presentation.

#1 Serve Food First    
      Follow the Taste & Tell approach. Everyone considers herself to be her own final authority on what tastes good. If you talk first, skeptical minds whisper, "I'll wait to check this out for myself." If you serve first, curiosity will be piqued, approval voiced, and the audience receptive. Slay the dragon guarding the cave of taste acceptance first.  

#2 Food Talks 
You can even serve food without talking. It will talk for you. Refreshments are often served for classes: Sunday school, Bible study, women's and men's groups, children's classes, business meetings, teas, brunches, neighborhood get-togethers, picnics, etc. Volunteer to supply the coffee cake or the dessert. Come prepared with the recipe (include source & website) in your pocket or purse. You'll be asked.

#3 Food Helps You Talk    
When asked about a recipe you've prepared, you may not only have opportunity to share the recipe (written or verbal) but to teach the recipe as well. If you are in your home (or even in a friends), you can say , "Let me show you how. Let's make it together."

#4 Don't Talk Too Much         
Focus on what your listeners want and need to hear. You don't have to compete with professional  entertainment (the TV  Food Channel), academic lecturers (on and on about nutritional negatives), or the infomercial (let me wow you). Try less demanding approaches as show and tell (4-H demonstrations) or hands on cooking.

#5 You've Been Invited to Speak to a . . .
MOPS group, women's group, weight-loss group, children's class, adult's class, PRISM group, neighborhood study, political rally, home school convention

    Whatever your audience remember that the route to the lifestyle decision center of the human body, the brain, is usually indirect, through the stomach. People resist "You ought to..." approaches. Hands on participation plus taste testing is a powerful persuader. 
    Whenever possible try to get audience participation before the event. Let people bring preprepared dishes (You assign the recipes, of course, and coach them over the phone). You will risk a few flops (Some people by temperament just don't follow a recipe). Encourage them to try the recipe ahead of time for their families and call you to trouble shoot.
   When 5 people have prepared dishes for a group of 20, that means that you have 5 testimonies and 5 potential teachers sitting in your audience. Recognize their contributions, and they'll do the talking for you. People will be thinking, "If Mary can do it, I can, too." 
     Then demo your ONE or two recipes for the whole group such as a blender batter recipe (demonstrates recipe versatility) and lentil rice casserole (demonstrates convenience, low cost, low fat, high nutritional quality). Or you can show one or two of our Power Point Taste & Tell Demonstration Recipes. CD available.   

#6 You've Been Invited to Teach 
     Most groups are accustomed to talking heads. Resist that stereotype. Professional chefs do not go about the country giving lectures. They communicate their expertise by cooking and serving. 

#7 Develop Basic Themes

Explain & illustrate one statement:

The two most important words in nutrition are quality and variety.

Let me outline a Comprehensive Whole foods Cooking System Balancing Nutritional Quality & Taste, Convenience & Cost Control.

My purpose is to promote health and provide dining pleasure by helping you prepare foods using high quality ingredients with methods  that maximize nutritional value.

You can eat better by choosing fresh whole foods over preserved, processed & refined, whole grains in place of refined flours, unrefined sweeteners as honey in place of refined sugars, unprocessed oils as olive oil in place of processed.

Explain the meaning of this quote--"The universe's Intelligent Designer has not left you  clueless as to his existence and his concern for humans.  He causes rain to fall on crops yielding plenty of food that satiates your stomach and fills your heart with joy."      The Bible, Acts 14:17

#8 Give Participants Take Home Resources    
Don't overload people with handouts, but do choose materials that will take them the next step. For example The Taste & Tell Recipe Sampler  and the Taste & Tell Nutrition Basics will do that for you. We can supply copies for your audience. 

For additional handouts focusing on a particular subject see The Talking Food Pages

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