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    Introducing Whole Foods Cooking dispels the myth that healthy whole foods must necessarily be appetite appeal-less. Model recipes start you on a culinary adventure that breaks the barriers to success without resorting to white flour, white sugar, or hydrogenated shortening. Essential nutritional concepts and the 2 Stage Process explained. Serving and Connecting segment shows you how to make Jesus a welcome guest at your table. PowerPoint Demo CD includes group teaching materials and a high school level semester course for Menu Planning and Meal Preparation. 148 pages ISBN 1-878272-21-7 2009 $17 See inside book pdf 573k    2009 BOOK RELEASE  Purchase   

Hands on experience in Sue Gregg's kitchen for students who are passionate about whole foods cooking and possess a holy ambition to serve.

Home schooled students are invited
to gain experience in marketing in the safe environment of a booth at a home schooling convention or fair near you. Some of our most effective representatives are young people who've become skilled in using our cookbooks, especially through the Baking with Whole Grains Course. Tell us about your family experience and interest by writing

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Baking with Whole Grains 
 For Families with High School Students

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A Comprehensive Whole Foods Cooking System 
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