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Who is Sue Gregg? 
Concern for her family's health challenged her to research and experiment with recipes. Read more

Our MISSION is to present a Creator/creation model linking clues from everyday eating and drinking to the invisible and eternal. John 6

    Sue Gregg introduces you to some of the easiest, most convenient, and least expensive ways to ease your family into the whole foods transition. 
    Nine months of attempting to impose "you ought to eat it because it is good for you" fare upon her family from healthy foods cookbooks evoked too many "yuck" responses. So she set a failed experiment aside. 
years later an idea came to her. "Isn't the fear of the unknown the biggest obstacle to change? Why don't I take familiar, favorite recipes and begin by substituting part of the ingredients with healthier fare?" As she made small steps in change, her recipes gained family acceptance.
   Now after creating over 900 recipes using wholesome nutrient dense ingredients as whole grains instead of refined flour, honey instead of white sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter instead of hydrogenated fats along with fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables, Sue Gregg is ready to let you in on her secret. 
    Tested, tasty, appetite appealing whole foods recipes with allergy and gluten free alternatives are her specialty. These recipes will help you ease your family into healthier whole foods fare.   

   Sue says, "You can succeed in turning "Yucks" into "Yums" one recipe at a time."  Read more. 

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How do I get started? 

Begin with Batter Waffles/Pancakes, a model "Two Stage Process" recipe. This recipe offers endless variations with Gluten Free and Grain and Dairy Allergy Alternatives along with lots of forgiveness for the beginner

Sue says:  "The best nutrition in a recipe won't do you any good unless you eat it. Appetite appeal is the bottom line."

Sue Gregg Digital 
Access over 1000 recipes, menus, and demonstrations in PDF format from your computer, tablet, or smart phone

Just what are Nutrient Dense Whole Foods and the Two Stage Process all  about? Read more 

What is the Difference between older (before 2006) and current editions? First we began rewriting recipes to apply  the Two Stage Process to break down phytates Now we offer Allergy and Gluten Free alternative ingredients whenever possible. Read more

Choose fresh whole foods over preserved, processed & refined, whole grains in place of refined flours, unrefined sweeteners as honey in place of refined sugars, 
unprocessed oils as olive oil and coconut oil in place of processed.

Present a Creator/creation model linking clues from everyday eating and drinking to the invisible and eternal. John 6

Look inside   Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital 2016 Preview

Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital 2016 $49.99 DVD with Free shipping in the USA and to most international locations

Harbor Edition of Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital 2016  $50.00 DVD  At Sue Gregg Cookbooks we’ve been long term supporters of Alex Krutov and The Harbor. If you are a supporter of The Harbor we will donate the entire $50.00.  Read more

Organic Fanatic says:
"Finally, here is someone who can share the secrets of cooking with things such as coconut oil, whole and alternative grains, sprouted/ soaked grains, honey and maple syrup while applying Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions research."


Read Heidi's review about her My Photo experience with Blender Batter Baking and the Sue Gregg Cookbooks at Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter

Concerned about gluten? 
"I now have to cook gluten free and your recipes are easy to convert using GF flours. I made the best GF cookies with your help!" Amber O.

Print Cookbooks

The Sue Gregg Cookbooks offer more than 1000 recipes, menus, and demonstrations.

Whole Foods Cooking dispels the myth that healthy whole foods must be appetite appeal-less without refined whites-- flour, sugar, or shortening. 
   Create a hospitable atmosphere at the table with a set of basic recipes, an understanding of nutrition basics, a 20 minute monthly meal planner, charts of menus for weight management, and "Food to Faith" Bible studies. 148 pages. PowerPoint & PDF of 29 recipe demonstrations on CD. $17. 
 Look  inside

   Lunches & Snacks with lessons for children guides young cooks in preparing beverages, breads, crackers, chips, sandwiches, soups, spreads and dips from set up to clean up. Recipes written by-the-numbers help beginning cooks stay organized and avoid confusion. Nutrition quizzes for discussion. Look inside
      Cooking with Children Power Point or PDF files with 60 step-by-step photo cooking demonstrations inspires and guides young cooks. 15 Lessons. Learn more  Index, 187 pages. 4th Ed. $23

   Whole Grain Baking with Blender Batter  Baking and The Two Stage Process supplies 12 model quick bread recipes and 18 yeast bread recipes that apply Nourishing Traditions research to break down phytates, increase nutritional value and improve digestibility. Offers allergy and gluten-free alternative grains with quick breads.
    Text for the
Baking with Whole Grains (see right) high school level curriculum. 173 pages.
PowerPoint & PDF of 32 recipe demos on CD. 2nd Ed. $23  Look inside 


BWG WORKBOOK COVER WEB.jpg (195306 bytes)Baking with Whole Grains Workbook accompanies the Whole Grain Baking textbook (see left) to provide self-guided reading, research, and recipe preparation. 
    Tests included. Offers one semester home school high school credit (about 1 hour per day) of it can be paced at 2 to 3 days per week for two semesters. Workbook size is 9 X 11 inches. $40  Look inside

Whole Foods Cooking, Lunches & Snacks, and Whole Grain Baking above are all accompanied with Power Point & PDF Recipe Demonstration Files on disk.

    Meals in Minutes What would it be like to have a freezer full of "use me" dishes waiting for the times when you’re too busy, too late, and too tired? Now you can prepare freezer dishes once a week or once a month. Double, triple, or quadruple recipes for large families. Single? Divide into single smaller portions. With a freezer full of 26 recipes you can manage convenience and control costs without compromising nutritional standards. By six you can still say, "dinner’s ready! Enjoy variety with chicken, fish, ground turkey, bean & vegetarian recipes. 5th Ed.  94 p. $10 Look inside 
   Soups & Muffins incorporates the Two Stage Process to improve nutrient absorption in 36 muffin and bread recipes made from 12 different grains. Recipes offer alternatives for wheat and dairy allergies. 27 favorite soup recipes include a variety of tomato, dairy, and broth based soups. 
     Soup & muffin recipe combinations are designed to make complete meal menus. His and hers weight management charts mix and match menu variations to make controlling the middle of your life easier. 4th Ed, 127 pages. $10
Look inside  

   Dinners on the Table with Whole Foods Menus. The first Main Dishes revision since 1997. Recipes up dated to Nourishing Traditions standards for soaking beans and grains to break down phytates. Incorporates quality ingredients such as coconut oil and almond milk. Includes allergy alternatives For dairy and grains. Menu charts list calorie counts and portion sizes for weight management. 289 pages $23 Look inside

   Breakfasts with Blender Batter Baking & Allergy Alternatives offers whole grain blender batters for light 'n tender waffles & pancakes, coffee cakes, muffins, and crepes. 
    Recipes for Kamut and spelt, allergy alternative grains. Cinnamon rolls, banana smoothie, cereals,
egg variations, fruit dishes, toppings. Dairy and egg allergies alternatives.
  The Two Stage Process is applied. Menu charts for weight management. Index, 5th ed. 290
pages $23 Look inside

Look inside      Preview Sue Gregg Cookbooks Printed and Digital Materials

Desserts Avoids white flour, white sugar, and hydrogenated fats. Quality alternatives satisfy the sweet tooth. Allergy alternatives for milk, wheat, and eggs. Light 'n tender whole grain no fat angel food cake. 

45 recipes under 200 calories and 30% fat. Index, 2nd edition, 175 p. $13 Look inside

Miscellaneous Purchases are calculated in one dollar increments. You can change the total by increasing the item #. To assure accuracy with these purchases send a separate confirming email to with name, address, phone#, and item description. Help Hotline 951.687.5491
To our customers ordering from outside the US: The minimumPayPal Acceptance Mark shipping cost for printed books is $23.That covers up to 4 lbs. and from one to five books. Email us with your proposed order. We'll work with you to reduce shipping costs. Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital 2016 ships free to places like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, UK, and almost everywhere else.


Access over 1000 recipes, menus, and demonstrations. Each cookbook stands alone, however, all are extensively cross referenced. The most economical way to buy the printed cookbooks. Save $43 over individual book prices.

                                    (Deluxe Set pictured here)

STANDARD COOKBOOK SET includes all 8 cookbooks. Add a copy of Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital for $20.00.

DELUXE COOKBOOK SET All 8 cookbooks combined into 6 volumes plus the Master Index on searchable pdf file. Titles labeled on book spines. Cooking with Children & high school level curriculum texts w/PowerPoint demos included. 7 mil vinyl plastic covers protect books against splashes and spills. Free copy of Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital included.

PREMIUM COOKBOOK SET Adds tabs (a three hour by hand task) to Deluxe Set for finding recipes quickly. Covers reinforced with thicker card stock. Free copy of Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital included. 

Apprenticeships & Classes

Apprentice: A person who learns while working along side a person who is very good at a skill.

Rose & Connor Cheese Ball
Ingraham's Sunshine Shake
Kailan's Waldorf Salad
Kristi's Peanut Butter
Honey Cheese Cake
Ann Chandler German Sweet 'n Sour

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Sue Gregg's nine month "health foody" experiment failure led to the discovery of a way to turn Yucks into Yums with real food. With her recipes you can, too.

Emily Zachry's apprenticeship she observed and practiced what Sue models in her cookbooks and in her home. Emily prepared more than 75 recipes, cooked for two guest hospitality events of more than 20 people, and taught children's cooking classes during her three months stay.  She also experimented with recipe development.   See more . . .

        Sue Gregg and her husband welcome inquiries from home schooled students transitioning out of their parents homes. They mentor in building home-based careers in whole foods cooking, hospitality, and mission vision.      View more

TRAVEL to Russia, Estonia, Okinawa with Sue Gregg  

Sue Gregg introduces healthy cooking to young adult orphans 
"The Harbor" in St Petersburg,

Take a "Southern California Cooking Vacation."  Cook in Sue Gregg's kitchen. Contact us for details.

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