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  When you visit my southern California home in the summer, you will be greeted by crepe myrtle trees covered with pink, lavender, white, and crimson blossoms.

About Us . . In the Kitchen

 My husband, Rich, and I celebrate 55 married years working together. He partners with me as taste tester, recipe repeater, photographer, webmaster, pots and pans washer, editor, publisher, and host. Waffles are his specialty. 

    We are grandparents to six home schooled grandchildren living on Washington Island, Wisconsin. That is a long way from California.

    Our public schooled grandson Connor lives in the J-House at Purdue U while studying engineering. His sister Rose serves with Young Life while studying at the U of I in Bloomington, IN. ​​ That is closer but still too far.

People & Places

      After my nest emptied I was invited to serve in Estonia, Kenya, Malawai, Mexico, Honduras, and Okinawa. It is to Russia that I have been drawn most often, a total of thirteen trips.

     In 1994 I met Alex Krutov at age 17 as he was being emancipated from his orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia.  It became evident that Alex was willing to serve as I taught cooking classes and was resourceful in helping me safely travel about the city and the country. In 1997 I invited Alex to train as an apprentice for six months in my kitchen. 


      Tiffany Alexander Mahler, (Residential Intern 2008, Kitchen lab leader 2009) a home school graduate invited Alex to speak at a dinner she and other interns organized for families of adopted Russian orphans in Texas after her training in 2008. She is now Marine wife of John with three children having lived in Peru and now in Okinawa.

      We found the opportunity to arrange for her to show case her culinary skills for her husband-to-be for the first time at a Thanksgiving meal when John was in Marine training in California. John agreed to serve as host to guests who enjoyed her cooking as well. See Tiffany's growing family on facebook as they adjust to new cultural settings.  

Emily Zachry Hardy  (Home school graduate, Intern 2008, Residential Apprentice 2013, Teaching children, Recipe experimentation)  Now married to Nathan.

NOTE: We welcome home schooled graduates into our Residential Apprenticeship Program. For more information call 951.687.5491

Some of our special guests:

J. D. Bennet
     Musician, athlete, actor, historian, entertainer, summer camp director, and church planter, J.D, Met his wife, Sara, while in residence with us. We celebrated with hospitality dinners with them and their friends as their relationship developed. Their wedding ceremony blended three traditions--traditional American, Mexican, and Messianic. They work in Spain with a growning family.


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