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Cooking Class
     with Sue Gregg

COOKING with the Peterson Family

Luke 10, Gracie 6, and Elias 11 watch as Micah 4, pours in a cup of Kamut®grain into the blender. Liquids are blended in to make a batter. 

The process  is called Blender Batter Baking.

Pouring the Batter.

The batter was soaked overnight to breakdown phytates. This is called The Two Stage Process.

Soaking the batter gives enzymes time to release nutrients (especially calcium, magnesium, and iron) bound up by phytates in the bran layers of the grains.


The Peterson children are learning by observing and by practicing. There are age appropriate acitivites in this recipe that all can safely engage in.

Assembing Edible Creations

A do-it-yourself project
(with a little help from your friends).

      Colors, tastes. choices. A food wonderland of strawberries, blueberries, fresh apple topping, yogurt, and real maple syrup. 

Everyone has opportunity to make his or her own custom made edible creation.

     The Peterson family participated in cooking classes for almost four years before they moved to Houston, TX. Here they are ready to feast on Baked Potato Gourmet that the children prepared.

Note to Grand Parents

Sometimes in life we get a second chance.

For example, with grand children. Why not invite them to learn what their parents missed or aren't teaching them now. Start with a recipe creating activity in the kitchen. End with heart to heart talks around the table. 

One of our friends calls these activities "Camp Grandma." 

We're prepared materials--recipes and demonstrations
to make special times in the kitchen
easier and more enjoyable.


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