BREAKFASTS with Blender Batter Baking & Allergy Alternatives offers whole grain blender batters for light 'n tender waffles & pancakes, coffee cakes, muffins, and crepes. Recipes for Kamut and spelt, allergy alternative grains. Cinnamon rolls, banana smoothie, cereals, egg variations, fruit dishes, toppings. Dairy and egg allergies alternatives. The Two Stage Process is applied. Menu charts for weight management. Index, 5th ed. 2010, 290 p. $23

Recipes with Gluten Free Grain Alternatives:
Oatmeal (If you purchase gluten free Oats)
Buckwheat Kasha
Teff Cereal
Cream of Millet or Brown Rice
Creamy Quinoa
Apple Millet Cereal
Breakfast Burritos
Lumberjack Potatoes 'n Kasha
Blender Banana Muffins (Brown Rice)
Waffles/Pancakes (Any grain)
Almond Coffee Cake (Brown Rice)
Apricot Pecan Coffee Cake (Brown Rice)
Blueberry Coffee Cake (Brown Rice)
Cowboy Coffee Cake (Brown Rice, Gluten free Oats)
Orange Coffee Cake (Brown Rice, Gluten free Oats)
Pineapple Coffee Cake  (Brown Rice, Gluten free Oats)
Zucchini Coffee Cake (Brown Rice, Gluten free Oats)
Blender Breakfast Crepes (Rice, Mille, Oats)
Quinoa Crepes

Test Sample Recipe

Almond Crunch Coffee Cake Recipe
with gluten free grain alternative
No grain mill required.

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