Lunches & Snacks
with Lessons for Children
captures children's curiosity about food and food preparation at opportune moments. Beginning reader-ready lessons help you cooks understand the "why" as they practice the "how" from set up to clean up. 
Recipes written by the numbers help avoid confusion. Nutrition questions for discussion highlight the value of key ingredients. Help your children discover how to satisfy appeties with quality alternatives to refined flours, sugar and hydrogenated shortening.

This is a cookbook which applies the philosophy parents understand: If they fix it, they'll eat it.
Index, 187 p. New 4th edition released March 2012 $23 

Curriculum for Ages 2-12 
Cooking with Children CD includes both recipe and procedure step-by-step photo cooking demonstrations to inform and inspire young cooks as it guides them in preparing beverages, breads, crackers, chips, sandwiches, soups, spreads and dips. Presentations done with PowerPoint so you can move from slide to slide at your own (your child's) speed. 15 Lesson guides get you started.

Recipe Previews
Sunshine Shake p.66
Blender Cornbread p.74
Applesauce Muffins p.75
Sprout-A-Garden p.105
Cheese Ball p.161
Rosie's Hot Chicken Chowder p. 167

Test Sample Recipe

Applesauce Muffins

Orange Frosty/Sunshine Shake

Look Inside Book

     We have used and enjoyed Sue Greggís cookbooks for years.  Healthy, whole foods cooking with real life taste and preparation sums up this set of cookbooks.  If you want to move your family toward healthier eating, but donít know where to begin or arenít sure that they will like healthier foods, Sue Gregg is a good place to start . . . Raising Olives


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