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Almond Crunch Coffee Cake

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Assemble Equipment and Ingredients

STEP #1 Place in blender; blend on high speed 3 minutes:
DSC00366.JPG (62056 bytes)
buttermilk or yogurt
DSC00369.JPG (63602 bytes) DSC00371.JPG (61233 bytes) DSC00373.JPG (62457 bytes)
olive oil honey whole grain

Almond Crunch Coffee Cake 
This Breakfast favorite was converted from the Los Angeles Times award winning "Cafe Beaujolais' Buttermilk-Cinnamon Coffecake." Fat was reduced from 45% (of total calories) to 24%, calories dropped 44%, and sugar fell 36% while fiber increased. Whole grain coffee cakes are easy to make in the blender. To make this recipe by hand without a blender use 2 cups whole grain flour. This recipe is very successful with gluten-free brown rice! 

This whole grain blender batter recipe is so light and tender that even those accustomed to the fluffy white stuff will be pleased.

DSC00376.JPG (59826 bytes) DSC00377.JPG (61103 bytes) DSC00398.JPG (63019 bytes)

STEP# 3: Cover blender; let stand at room temperature for several hours

STEP #2 
For topping blend with a fork until crumbly, set aside: Note: This step can be completed while the blender is operating in #3 to save time.

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demonstration photos
. . .
melted butter
Sucanat or crystalline fructose
uncooked rolled oats
almonds, chopped, slivered, or sliced Blend with fork
dsc00413.jpg (59801 bytes)
STEP #4   Add eggs 

Reblend 1-3 Minutes until smooth

STEP #5 Combine, add all at once to liquid ingredients in blender and blend in thoroughly but briefly: teaspoon salt 
baking soda  baking powder cinnamon
ginger Sift blend briefly
STEP #6  Pour Batter into greased Baking Pan. Top with Almond Topping.      Press topping slightly into batter with a fork.
STEP #7 Bake at 325° (365° C) about 30-40 minutes until knife or toothpick comes clean out of the center.
DSC00423.JPG (62652 bytes)
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