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  Cool and creamy Yogurt Pie with a squish of pineapple and a smooth crumbly graham cracker crust. This recipe will convert your most skeptical taste testers. Don't let them hear the word "yogurt" until the entire recipe is safely satiating appetites and the requests for seconds have become futile pleas. 

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 Desserts with Lower Fat & Allergy Alternatives

    From 'no fat' Angel food cake and 'fat free' Oatmeal Cookies to three minute refreshing Fruit Shrub, recipes balance nutritional value and convenience.
   Here is a cookbook that preserves appetite appeal in Chocolate Chip cookies and German Chocolate Cake without resorting to nutritional negatives. No hydrogenated fats, refined flour or sugar.
   Allergy alternatives for chocolate, milk, eggs, wheat and corn make desserts a pleasure for everyone.
   With one third of the recipes calculating at 30% (of calories) or less fat you can cut back on the fat without loosing the Yum.

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Assemble Equipment and Ingredients

STEP #1 Make graham cracker crust by blending together:
melted butter   For topping blend with a fork until crumbly, set aside: A plastic bag will facilitate cracker crumbling
Note: This step can be completed while the blender is operating in #3 to save time.

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Yogurt Pie
A light, low fat dessert and so easy to make!   
Your anti-health food eaters will not guess that it is made from yogurt.

AMOUNT: 8" Square Bake Pan (Serves 9)


Per serving of 9 (optional coconut and fruit garnish in #8 not included): 185 Calories, 4.5 g protein (10%), 9 g fat (43%), 23 g carbohydrate (47%), 1.5 g dietary fiber, 25 mg cholesterol, 100 mg sodium, $.40

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graham cracker crumbs Sucanat or Rapadura (preferred) or brown sugar or sugar
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STEP #3  Drailn, reserving juice: 8 OZ can crushed pineapple, unsweetened STEP #4 Blend together and let stand 5 minutes to soften:
Drained pineapple juice 
2 envelopes (4 tsp) unflavored gelatine
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STEP #5 To dissolve gelatin bring juce-gelatin mixture to a boil over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with wire whisk: remove from heat and blend in thoroughly: 1/4 cup honey    STEP #6 Blend together well in mixing bowl with wire whisk:

Others Are Saying...

I am very interested in using the recipes that you have listed on your website with photos. They will be helpful to one of my children who has  learning disabilities.  
                                    Penny, Platteville, WI

I have tried various recipes with "healthy" foods, but they usually do require exotic ingredients which are usually gross!  I look forward to trying your ideas.  It will be nice to have "normal" foods with a healthy twist!    Shannon

  Thank you for making healthful eating easy and delicious.  Each cookbook not only has wonderful recipes, but are also nutritional information power houses.   My husband says that after 16 years of marriage, now I'm making the really good tasting stuff!'
                                          Kim Fuller, Grandview, Washington 

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Plain yogurt
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Reserve crushed pineapple (from can) Dissolved gelatin and honey
medium shred coconut, unsweetened, optional
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coconut extract, optional (add with coconut)

STEP #7   Pour onto graham cracker crust

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  Chill in refrigerator to set. To serve score into servings and garnish each.

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With graham cracker crumbs or . . . . . . . with kiwi fruit and 1/2 strawberry Left over for Whom?

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   Desserts with Low Fat & Allergy Alternatives avoids white flour, white sugar, and hydrogenated fats. Quality alternatives satisfy the sweet tooth. Allergy alternatives for milk, wheat, and eggs. Light 'n tender whole grain no fat angel food cake. 45 recipes under 200 calories and 30% fat. Index, 175 pages.  ISBN 1-878272-08-X  $13                                                                
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