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Four Food Storage Plans
For Health & Hospitality.
A Preparedness Guide for  Families

The ultimate preparedness cookbook. Thoroughly detailed grocery lists, a phenomenal undertaking that will save you hours...
      Marilyn Moll 
     The Urban Homemaker

    Devastation comes in many forms--hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, fire, landslides, drought, strikes, job loss, divorce, death of wage earner, bankruptcy, crime, famine, war, Chernobyl, and, perhaps, economic threats like the gas crunch crisis, Y2K, or terrorists' threats. This book shows you how to prepare to meet the needs of your family and to become a resource for others who may find their reserves depleted and their lives devastated.

    Four Food Storage Plans starts with the assumption: Eat what you store, and store what you eat. Beginning with a basic stock of canned goods found in any supermarket the four plans introduce an increasing variety of recipes that will help you adapt to the kinds of whole foods such as whole grains and beans found in long term food storage programs but at much lower cost. Economize by building your own storage plan for $1.70 to $1.75 per meal at 2,200 calories per day per person. Coping On a Tight, Tight Budget? 27 selected main dishes at $.20 to $1 per serving will fill stomachs and stretch $$$. Menus, recipes, and extensive shopping lists

    The author draws from her experience in managing food service for hundreds of junior high, high school, college students, and families for seven summers at Catalina Island’s Campus by the Sea without the convenience of electricity, computers, telephone, or delivery trucks. She also wrote a cookbook for an expensive long range commercial food reserve program in the late 70’s, inaugurated a whole foods program at a Southern California college preparing students for overseas work, provided food service at camps in Mexico and Honduras, and taught Co-Mission volunteers in Russia food survival skills.

See Why Food Storage?  for an historical and philosophical background.

Black Bean Chowder 
from Four Food Storage Plans 

STEP #1  Cook Rice & Potatoes in Water

Add water
Add rice
Cube Potatoes
Add potatoes
STEP #2 Sauté Vegetables in Oil

What This Book is About
Y2K and Beyond, Discovering God’s Plan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Store What You Eat, Eat What You Store
Prepare for What How Long?
Long Term & Short Term Food Reserves Compared
Long & Short Term Food Cost Compared

Selecting A Menu Plan
Level 1: "Can-Opener" Menu Plan
Level 2: Combination Menu Plan
Level 3: Transition Menu Plan
Level 4: Variety menu Plan

Menu Accompaniments: Vegetables, Salads & Fruits
Menu Accompaniments: Breads, Crackers, & Starches
Breakfast Menus
Beverage, Snacks & Dessert Suggestions
Weekly Snack & Beverage Plan
Grains & Bread
Meeting Calorie & Protein Requirements
Coping on a Tight, Tight Budget
Menu Plan Chart


Add olive oil
 Chop onions
 Add onion

Calculating Quantities for Your Shopping List
How to Use the Shopping Lists
Buckets & Bags
Weights & Measures of Cans, Buckets & Bags
Understanding Dating Codes
Shopping List Form
Paper Goods Shopping List
Shopping Lists

"Can-Opener" Plan Shopping List
Combination Plan Shopping List
Transition Plan Shopping List
Variety Plan Shopping List


 Chop red pepper
 Add red pepper

General Storage Guidelines
Complimentary Storage Foods
for Short Term Storage Plans
Shelf Life of Nitrogen Packed Foods
Shelf Life of Short Term Packaging

Creating an Atmosphere
Preparation Tips with Limited Power & Water
Dehydrated Vegetable Preparation
Powdered Dairy Products Preparation
Meal Assembly & Menus
"Can-Opener" & Combination Plans
Main Dish Recipes & Menus

Bean Dishes
Black Beans, Chili, Country Creole Peas ‘n Corn, Lentil Rice Casserole, Pot O’ Limas, Sweet ‘n Sour Beans

Chicken Dishes
Chicken Basil Pasta, Chicken Curry, Chicken Hawaiian, Chicken Pilaf en Casserole, Chicken Spaghetti, Hawaiian Rice, Javanese Dinner

Black Bean Chowder, Chicken Soup, Lentil Soup, Navy ‘n French Green Bean, Potato Soup, Spring Garden Soup, Tomato Lentil Soup, Tomato Soup, 263

Casserole a la Tuna, Tuna Noodle Parmesan

Barley Casserole, Pasta Alfredo, Ragout, Saucy Spaghetti

Buckwheat Kasha, Spaghetti Noodles, Almond Brown Rice, Instant Brown Rice, Mexican Rice, Transitional Rice, White & Wild Rice

Carrot-Beet Salad, Carrot Salad, Pineapple-Orange Jello, Sprout-A-Garden, Sprout Salad, Three Bean Salad, Waldorf Salad

Chop green pepper
 Add green pepper
 Prepare to mince garlic

Barley Biscuits, Blender Cornbread, Buttermilk Biscuits, Delicious Whole Grain Bread


Maple Crunch Muffins, Multi-Grain Muffins, Orange Oatmeal Muffins, Walnut Spice Muffins

Almond Coffee Cake, Apple Nuggets, Blender Waffles/Pancakes, Cowboy Coffee Cake, Delicious Fruit Compote, Dried Apple Topping, French Toast, Hot Carob or Cocoa, Oatmeal Surprise, Pine-Applesauce Topping

Lite Chocolate Pudding, Nutty Fruit Mix, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Tapioca Pudding, Yogurt

Combination, Transition, Variety Plans
Grain Accompaniment Recipes
Salad Recipes
Sprouts & Sprouting
Sunflower & Buckwheat Lettuce
Breads & Breakfast Recipes
Snack & Dessert Recipes
Expanding Menu Options
Appliance & Cooking Equipment

Shopping Resources
You Can See The Future
Cut-Out Tab

Mince garlic

STEP #3 Combine & Cook Ingredients
Add sautéed vegetables to cooked rice & potatoes
Add black beans

Lentil-Rice Casserole
Adapted from Main Dishes, p. 42 (also Healthy Eating, p. 315) for stove top cooking. Original recipe is baked at 300° with brown rice (not instant) for about 2 hours until lentils and rice are done. When possible, this will give best result. This makes tasty tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, yogurt. Per serving: $.55 with cheese; $.30 without cheese.

Serves 8 -- 1 Cup

1. Combine ingredients in saucepan, bring to a boil, lower heat to simmer, cover tightly and cook until lentils are done and water is absorbed, about 30 - 35 minutes:

   8 cups water
   2 cups uncooked lentils
   2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked
   2/3 cup dried onion
or 1 medium, chopped
   2 tbsps + 2 tsps Sue's "Kitchen Magic" Seasoning
   scant 1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil leaves
   scant 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
   scant 3/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
   scant 3/4 teaspoon garlic powder

2. Stir in cheese and garnish with parsley:

  2 cups grated cheddar cheese, optional or
  1/4 - 1/2 cup powdered cheese, to taste
  dried or fresh parsley


Use 1 1/3 cups brown rice in place of instant, soaking it with remaining ingredients several hours to reduce cooking time to 20 to 25 minutes.

Substitute water and Sue’s Seasoning with:
  2 quarts chicken broth
Or replace Sue’s Seasoning with 1/2 cup vegetarian chicken broth powder

To speed cooking of lentils sprout them first, see p.273.


Serve with Lentil Rice Casserole
1/2 Mixed Vegetables (14 - 16 oz can serves 4)
1 cup Sprout or Garden Salad (p. 269)
2 Taco Shells with Salsa, to taste
or 1 1/2 Walnut Spice Muffins (p. 282)
(1 recipe for 2 meals for 4)

Add kidney beans
Add vegetarian beans with tomato sauce
Add corn
Add spices
Add Sue's Kitchen Magic Seasoning or
3/4 cup Liquid Aminos to taste

What Others Are Saying...

    You have done an excellent job presenting healthful eating with taste appeal, ease of preparation, familiar dishes, color, and beauty with thanksgiving to our God and Creator.
            Kathleen Hoffman, Somerset, Wisconsin

    I love your approach. You use "real people" food but it's done in a healthy way.
            Lori Leeke, Plano, Texas

STEP #4 Remove Bay Leaf & Serve
Add grated cheese, chopped fresh parsley or cilantro

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